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"Solution for real-world problems" - Matthew Allard from Newsshooter

Aptolux has launched the MP-1, a unique, modular LED light panel kit. The kit comprises of 6 modular panels and it has been specifically designed to be both a versatile and flexible lighting solution.

It is good to see a new lighting company that is thinking outside of the box and coming up with solutions for real-world problems.

Solo shooters and small teams usually have to travel and carry all of their gear by themselves. This usually results in compromises on what and how much equipment you can take. Lights are always an issue when you are traveling and working out what to take and what to leave behind. This often causes headaches and I know a lot of shooters who are constantly on the lookout for more travel-friendly lighting solutions. The Aptolux MP-1 light panel kit was designed to specifically try and elevate some of these problems.

Yes, the modular concept isn’t new, and there have been lights in the past that you could put together to create larger arrays, but none of those solutions were catered to solo shooters.

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