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PetaPixel: "Modular, Transforming Photo and Video Light"

The Aptolux MP-1 is a portable, lightweight, and modular lighting system that has the ability to change its size or shape depending on the need. The company says it prevents the need to buy multiple lights and is highly repairable if damaged.

Aptolux is the brainchild of photographer and filmmaker Alvis Rozenbergs, who tells PetaPixel that he has spent the last two years working on a new modular lighting system that solves many pain points that he ran into during his nearly decade-long career: heavy, single-function lights that are costly to buy and just as expensive to repair.

To address these issues, Rozenbergs created the Aptolux MP-1, a modular lighting kit that consists of six panels that can be combined together into different shapes and forms depending on the need of the creator. Disassembled, and they are about the size of a lunchbox and can be easily fit into a backpack.

The lights are bright as well. Each individual panel consumes 20 watts of power over 39 individual LEDs for a brightness of 2,000 lumens. When combined into a full six-piece panel, the total 234 LEDs output a huge 12,0000 lumens. Perspectively, the exceedingly bright Light & Motion CLx10 monolight outputs 10,000 lumens.

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