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"A unique take on modular lighting," says CineD lighting news

Lighting has always been the most important thing in a filmmaker’s toolkit. Bad lighting can make even the most expensive cameras look bad on screen. But over the past decade, creatives have found lighting packages that allow for limitless expression at all budget levels. Today, a new company joins the market with a unique take on modular lighting. Aptolux launches the MP-1 Light Panel, which combines the LEGO-style block concept with design elements borrowed from the common honey bee.

Now, Aptolux has joined the race with their own interpretation. The MP-1 Light Panel is a modular light that borrows concepts from Digital Sputnik and Aputure, combining them with a honeycomb design that allows users to create unique fixtures for any need that may arise. Let’s dive a little deeper!

The new kid on the block

While other lighting companies have stuck with square form factor designs, Aptolux looked to math and nature for inspiration. Each individual light panel consists of an isosceles trapezoid with connectors and pins on each side. The 10.6 by 3.7 inch light can then be connected with up to six other lights to make several different panel configurations. The MP-1 aims to replace the most common lighting panels. Small lights such as the Aputure MC, medium-sized panels, lightsticks like the Digital Sputnik Voyager, striplights, and even ring lights when configured into the shape of a honeycomb.



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