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How successful actually was IBC show for new kid aptolux?

Aptolux was born in March 2020. Two years later, we got the wonderful opportunity to exhibit a modular panel kit MP-1 pre-production model and meet the industry community at an exhibition called IBC 2022.

Road to Amsterdam

Early in 2022, while we were running our pre-order campaign, we received a lot of input from the community. One supporter said that he would really like to see the MP-1 kit. Touch it, feel it, and test it. at the Amsterdam IBC show. We had not even thought of taking part in such an event at that moment. However, as we kept working to enhance aptolux modular panels' toughness, functionality, and appearance, having hundreds or maybe thousands of industry professionals test them in just four days sounded like a worthwhile experiment.

The effects of the shortages in electrical parts are being felt by several businesses and consumers. Production may occasionally be delayed by these logistical problems for several months at a time. Our experiences were similar. There was a sense that we wouldn't have any kits ready for the expo because a lot of parts were arriving one by one. The team worked day and night before traveling for the show. Just hours before the exhibition, 3 fully new and enhanced kits were ready!

Love from community

We got a lot of emotions and input regarding MP-1 during IBC. Although we were hoping for some affirmation, we were astounded by the enthusiastic response we got. Beyond the 64 high-value possibilities we had previously found, users were producing additional forms. Attendees were amazed by how bright the MP-1 lights were despite us being surrounded by industry titans in the lighting sector. A panel this size and weight can produce 3300 lux at one meter (without a lens array, which could improve this number) and 20 W of power. Think of all six at once - that is 120W and more than 12000 lux. Additionally, they are all only the size of a lunchbox in your backpack.

Industry love could be felt not just by users, but by media as well. News and relevant content media LensVid and equipment management software Cheqroom have published video interviews with Alvis about MP-1. We also spoke to some representatives from CineD, DIYPhotography, British Cinematographer, and others at our stand.

The industry's availability promotes constructive feedback and encouragement to keep up the good job. We engaged in lengthy discussions and MP-1 demonstrations with a number of the players, including but not limited to Aputure, Astera, Godox, Chimera Lighting, and Pipelighting. Some representatives even used facetiming to introduce aptolux modular lighting to their engineers.

Grateful for the support

Aptolux would like to extend its gratitude to everyone who stopped by the event and visited our booth, provided feedback, participated in usability and drop tests, shared insightful content with us, and welcomed us with open arms to our first tradeshow. This has given the team even more motivation to strive for exceptional quality and to meet you soon again. Thank you to the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for your assistance and support, and congratulations to the entire IBC team on an incredible conference.

We'll see you next year!

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