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  • How to use MP-1?
    Click here, to see manual video, or read it. Video covers following topics: How to use plates How to join lights When to add power Pin and battery safety instructions How to use the folding bracket Synchronization Batteries How to control panels
  • Is MP-1 compatible with industry standards?
    Panels, adapters, and light stand ball heads have the UNC ¼”-20 thread, which is the most popular thread in the photography and videography industry. The ball head is c-stand compatible. LED panels run by Sony NP-F batteries, which are the most common type of battery in small and medium power videography gear.
  • What accessories come in a kit with modular panels?
    MP-1 lights will come with a c-stand compatible ball head, modular bracket for bigger panel builds, custom arca swiss plate, lens array for the ability to modify the light beam to a more narrow-angle, DC adapter. Additionally, we offer to get a light diffuser and also a grid cover for extended light control.
  • What kind of batteries do you reccomend?
    We strongly suggest using original Sony NP-F batteries, as Aptolux battery port is specifically designed for it. Batteries do not come with MP-1 kit, as most videographers already have them at home. There is a DC adapter, if you do not have NP-Fs at home.
  • Do different sets of MP-1 fit and work together?
    Yes, they do. Every MP-1 panel is a fully functional standalone panel and does fit with any other MP-1 light panel. You can buy a couple of MP-1's now, and later on, get additional pieces, and they will always work together.
  • Will MP-1 be wirelessly controlled?
    We interviewed 100 videographers worldwide and received their insight about the most needed features of the MP-1 light panels. A wirelessly controllable light was among the least popular necessities. To keep the lights lightweight and the price as low as possible, we decided not to include a built-in wireless feature yet. However, we are working on a wireless accessory to control MP-1 from your smartphone. It will fit with all the MP-1 panels in the future.
  • What is the warranty period for the product?
    According to EU warranty regulations, the Aptolux MP-1 video lighting solution comes with a minimum warranty period of two years. During this time, if the product experiences any defects or malfunctions that are not a result of misuse or accidental damage, customers are entitled to have the product repaired, replaced, or receive a refund, depending on the circumstances. This warranty period is applicable from the date of purchase, and customers can contact our customer support team to initiate the warranty claim process or seek further assistance.
  • How can I contact customer support for assistance or inquiries?
    Write us to for any assistance to your purchase!
  • Is the MP-1 available in stock?
    Order now and we will ship out in two weeks time. This is due to initial assembly and testing. There is no stock and each order is assembled for you. We want to ensure you get what you ordered and more. As saying goes - the slower you go the further you get. :)
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, we do ship worldwide. However, we aren’t responsible for additional charges or delivery delays you may incur as a result of international duties.

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